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Before you can take ownership, you must agree to the below terms and conditions.

Taking Over Management of a Village Page

Taking over management of this village page means fulfilling an agreement between yourself and The Welland Partnership.

The Service

You are provided with Portal Partner software to equip a village page manager with the necessary tools to populate the village page with content.

Responsibilities of a Village Page Owner

  1. When you register as a village page owner with Rutnet, we ask you for basic contact details such as name, phone number and email address. This information is used to activate your Portal Partner Account as well as providing you with the most effective means of service. With these details The Welland Partnership can inform you of any changes to the site, changes to the functionality of Portal Partner and can provide reminder emails to review content. Please be assured that controls are in place to prevent the misuse of your private information.
  2. Be intent on taking a long-term approach to the page ownership.
  3. Be prepared to receive training from The Welland Personnel and go on to build self publish ‘silver’ or ‘gold’ * websites for the village.
  4. To update the content of the page regularly, including
    1. The opening paragraph for the village.
    2. Posting a photograph of the village and changing this seasonally.
    3. Maintaining links with other sites.
    4. Village events.
    5. Parish Council news.
  5. To maintain a village wide approach to the webpage and not proprietorial acquisition or party interest
  6. To promote your role to others in the village.
  7. To seek a wide selection of materials from the village including photographs, content and web links.
  8. To work with others who wish to participate.
  9. Avoid posting any material of an offensive nature.

    We reserve the right to withdraw your rights as village representative if the duties above are not adhered to.

    Do you agree the the terms above? Cancel