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Rutland Rescue Tsunami Appeal

Progress Reports and Maps
A message from Tilak on the opening of Urani School's new facilities
'The new facilities will boost the morale of the students and the entire community.

When we first visited the school on Feb 4th, five weeks after the tsinami, what we saw was a disorganised community, with a very low morale. About 25 students had lost all their belonging in the tsunami as their houses have been washed away.

We found it difficult to control the crowds when we wanted to distribute some sweets, the usual problem when scarcity sets in. But now on Dec 5th 2005, they were well organised and disciplined, to the extent that they organised a grand welcome to Mike and Susan from Rutland, and to us.

The facilities at the school were poor, even before the tsunami. You would know that there was a war in Sri Lanka's north and east from 1983 to 2003, and still there are bombed-out houses in the vicinity. The school maintenance has been neglected for some time.

There were 125 children on roll before the tsunami, and now the full number is back at school. The new building provides for three more grades to be added. ie 6, 7 and 8. From 2006, grade 6 will begin and so on. Thus in three years from now, the school should have about 75 students more.

Our project has provided a living accommodation for the school headmaster in the school premises itself, which will give a boost to the school. The school premises has been secured with a fence and a gate, so the students can grow flowers in the garden.

There are wild elephants roaming the area occasionally, too. (Even the new fence we built was recently damaged by elephants).'

Progress Reports
A full set of progress reports were sent to us from Sri Lanka as the work progressed. The reports are available to download from the files section at the bottom of the page
Damaged Schools
The Government has published the list of schools damaged. Please see the website for details, and maps of Sri Lanka etc. We will consider this list as well and select the school(s). There is yet no assessment of the extent of damage to partially damaged schools, which will be one of our focus areas of work. A map of the schools affected can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of the page.
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