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New database service for disabled workers

Published:Sunday 12 October 2003

News Gathering in The DeepingsHere is some useful news for disabled persons who still have a contribution to make to the workforce.

The Disabled Workers Co-operative, has received a grant of 155,696 from the Strategic Grants Committee of the National Lottery Community Fund to establish a database of the skills and services offered by local disabled workers and to promote it throughout the country. Any disabled individual, sheltered workshop, company or organisation employing a significant number of disabled people is able to register free on this database. It is also free to use.

Diana Brittan, chair of the community fund says 'The new strategic grant is an excellent project which will allow disabled people across the UK to contribute their many valuable skills to the workforce. This grant will highlight the important contribution that disabled people can make to the workforce. I congratulate this organisation for aiming to increase disabled workers' earnings and empowering them to play a more inclusive part in our society.'

Neil Wood-Gaiger, Project Manger of Disabled Workers Co-operative says 'This grant s a huge boost to our project, have worked hard over these past couple of years on a very limited budget, this is going to make all the difference. We have always thought it was a good idea and it's great to know that others do as well'

The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the employment of disabled workers throughout the UK. For more information please visit

Thank you.

Neil Wood-Gaiger

P.S. The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a great place to find traditional skills that have almost disappeared from our fast moving commercial world. Skills such as chair caning, basket weaving, and woodturning, can all be found by searching the Disabled Workers Co-operative database, along with modern skills such as website design, word-processing and translation services.

For more information contact:

Neil Wood-Gaiger
01550 721371
start: Sunday 12 October 2003