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Oakham In Bloom Newsletter - Winter 2003

Published:Wednesday 24 December 2003

The recently formed Oakham In Bloom Fund-Raising Team have come up with some novel ideas. Under the chairmanship of Bob Lucas, members Margaret Broughton, David Procter, Dennis Blaber, Joyce Lucas and Tracy Scull met for the first time in October. Various ideas were put forward and a full programme of events was formulated, including a Quiz Night, Wonderful Winter Warmers, Pudding Competition and Daffodil Sunday Open Gardens.

Oakham In Bloom was launched in 1997 and was entered into 'the largest horticultural competition' in July 1998. Since then the formula has radically changed to encompass sustainable planting, anti-litter campaigns and recycling. Quite often volunteers are seen around the town either working on their own or in groups - pruning, weeding and tidying flower beds, or removing litter.

Several local organisations have planted trees in the County Council grounds. This will be part of an arboretum which will encourage and educate future generations. If anyone would like to donate a tree please contact a committee member.

Oakham In Bloom is a volunteer organisation and therefore it requires money and time to do its job - please support Oakham In Bloom by attending our events and joining our new lottery...

Oakham In Bloom has launched a monthly lottery. The first draw will be at the end of January 2004. This is a chance to give money regularly and also gives the opportunity of winning one of the cash prizes. For further information or to take part please contact Dennis Blaber, Tel 01572 723413.
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