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Harringworth Viaduct

harringworth viaduct

Visit the charming village of Harringworth and discover its most prized treasure, the viaduct. A piece of architectural inspiration, built by the Midland Railway across the Welland Valley in 1877-9, this imposing viaduct, located two miles from Gretton at the north-west corner of the village of Harringworth, spans the Welland valley.

Its total length is three quarters of a mile and it was completed to carry the London and Midland Railway between Kettering and Manton. The viaduct has 82 arches, each with a 40ft. span, and over 20 million bricks were used in its construction.

It remains in use today, and although the structure dominates the valley, it creates an impression of being in tune with its surroundings.


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